New City of David Ministries

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New City of David is a bible-believing church located right in the heart of Leeds. The ministry was started by Pastor Kabwe in response to the call of God in the year 2009. Having already established four successful ministries in Africa, Pastor Kabwe took a step of faith in obedience to the Lord's instruction and left for the UK. Today he preaches to a small congregation and devotes his days to prayer. His signature and perhaps most inspiring statement is, "I am chasing an elephant, I will not allow myself to be distracted by a rabbit." It is a powerful statement that encourages the faithful not to allow themselves to be distracted by the ever so many distraction that we have a in daily life and to focus on the ultimate goal.

Pastor left his homeland (The Congo) in obedience to the word of God.  At a time when he felt that he had arrived in the promised land the Lord again called for obedience and led him to the United Kingdom. It is this life of obedience and testimony that he continues to share with the church as he encourages others to also surrender their lives to the purposes of the Lord.

Yesterday he was in a completely different place but because of faith and obedience to the Lords instruction today he is here. So it is with all things in our lives. We must submit ourselves to the will and purpsoe of God and he will take us to a place of otherwise unimaginable peace. As a ministry we are committed to helping you achieve the fullness of your potential in Christ. We are convinced that the Lord has a special purpose for all his dearly loved children. Our call, as believers, is to discover that purposes and avail ourselves for service.
As a congregation we are all of similar mind, being confident that the Lord's will is the perfect way for our lives. We do our best to live in accordance with His word and are constantly listening to hear if the Lord is giving specific instruction.

The Church is still very small and we are all really one family in the Lord.