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Wednesday 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

Every Tuesday we have an two hour bible study. The study is structured as a discussion moderated and given direction by Pastor Kabwe. Why are we here on earth? Why did Jesus die? If God knows all things then why does he make people who he is going to send to hell. If God has all power why does he not just destroy the devil? Is there any place for submission in the modern marriage? All these are questions that we have answered or attempted to answer in the past.

Why bible study?

Why study the bible you might ask. John 8:31-32 says, ‘Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” It is this truth we endeavor to bring to light in a relaxed atmosphere, teaching the basic foundation of the Christian faith. Many claim to be Christian but have no working knowledge of this truth that is meant to release them from bondage and set them free


Nehemiah 2:11-13

When Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem, his mind was still connected to God and as indicated in the above verses; he took time to inspect the damage and reflect and mediate on his next move. This was the power of pre-inspection.  Before he could start telling the people in the city who lived in disgrace (Neh 1:8-11) that the Lord had actually sent him to rebuild the city, he took time to reflect and listen to further instruction as was his previous conduct.


He went out at night and rode around the city. Perhaps he chose the night as a time of peace and quiet to not only inspect but also have a quiet time with the Lord to know what he needed to do and with whom the Lord was going to ask him to do it with. The word of God tells us in verse 12 that he had not disclosed any of the things the Lord had said to him to anyone. The glory of God is in hiding things and up to this day The Lord still speaks but many of us fail to keep the things of God and we speak them too soon to the wrong people provoking a miscarriage of the promise of God.  The inability to keep things also results in God not trusting us with great revelations concerning His people as we spread the word and the enemy takes that word and causes an abortion of the promise.


What can we learn from these three verses about Nehemiah riding around the city and inspecting the walls?

  • Inspection brings clarity of what work needs to be done
  • What skills would be required to achieve that work

Many of us go into the things of God and major situations in our lives without first carrying out an inspection despite having heard from The Lord. This result in us not being able to assess the work required to achieve the dream and the resources thereof. Many of the broken walls around us have occurred as a result of people failing to inspect and getting authorization from God on how and when they need to do what. Many of us have heard correctly from the Lord but have not waited for further instruction on what steps to take or worse still have not taken the time to be quiet and reflect on the word we have been given and ask for further information.

As children of God we need to learn to be patient with the things of God and take time to reflect on what we have been told so God can clarify why he told us that information in the first place. However, our downfall is in judging people just because God has revealed it to us and we fail in the process of rebuilding that God wants us to have.

In conclusion, the first thing is to receive the word of the Lord and pray over it. Only after praying over the word can we then take time to inspect the work that lies ahead of us. When we have inspected, we still need to wait for God to direct our steps and lead us to the right people to help us achieve his and or dream. After Lazarus had been dead four days, Jesus appeared and wept over the death of his friend (John 11:35) but the glory and the magnitude  of winning more people to Himself was increased and sometimes we have to understand that when God does or reveals certain things to us it is meant to draw more people to Him.